Apply for re-credentialing

If your Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Credential has expired and you wish to renew it, you need to apply for re-credentialing. Your qualifications have already been provided when you first applied for credentialing.


A non-refundable application processing payment will be required at the time of submitting your application.

* If you are applying as a member, you will be required to upload evidence of your current membership. Please ensure you have a copy of your receipt, or written acknowledgement from the College.

** Please note this is an application fee only, and does not entitle you to membership to the College. To be eligible for the discounted member application fee for credentialing, please ensure you become a member first.

Once you have submitted payment, you will receive a receipt from PayPal indicating payment to Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Incorporated.

All pricing for credentialing fees includes GST.

New application

  • Members - $180*                                                                              
  • Non-members - $455**


  • Member - $130*
  • Non-member - $405**                                                                         

How to apply for re-credentialing

Renewing your Credential

  • A notice reminding you of the expiry date of your credential will be sent to you approximately six months in advance from C4N enquiries via the online portal, and by the College
  • In order to ensure continuity of your credentialed status, you should submit your completed application at least eight weeks in advance of the expiry date of your current credential
  • If you submit your application after the expiry of the current credential, it will continue to be treated as a re-credentialing application
  • You will be deemed not credentialed for the period of time between expiry of your credential and re-credentialing
  • The new credential date will commence from the new approval/certificate date

Re-credentialing criteria

To meet the requirements and standards for a renewed Mental Health Nurse Credential, you must demonstrate that you:

  • Hold a current registration as a Registered Nurse (Division 1), General with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
  • Have been practising as a registered nurse in the area of mental health within the last three years. (i.e. Working a minimum of 12 weeks full-time equivalent over the preceding 12 months or the equivalent length of experience over the preceding two years, or over the preceding three years)
  • Have undertaken continuing professional education, and practice development related activities in the area of mental health nursing in the previous three years
  • Have support from one professional referee who is a registered health professional and is familiar with your practice and credentialing application. If your referee is not registered with AHPRA, then support from two referees who are familiar with your practice must be provided to support your application

Next steps

  • Download all documents and resources for re-credentialing applicants below. Before you commence your online application you will need to download resources and complete all the necessary documents for your online application.
  • When you are ready to apply, click on the C4N online Portal button below (your browser will open up in a new window and take you to the C4N online portal).
  • If you are a first-time user of the online portal, please create a C4N user account. (Relevant to all ACMHN members and non-members). Please note: this portal is not linked to your College membership login.
  • Bookmark the C4N sign-in page to make it easier to return to an uncompleted application.

Application documents

C4N professional application guidelines

These guidelines are designed to assist you with completing the application process. It is very important that you read this document first and then refer back to it as you progress through the application process

ACMHN appendix to the application guidelines

This appendix should be read in conjunction with the C4N professional credentialing application guidelines

C4N qualification framework

This recognises that there have been different pathways over the years by which a registered nurse can undertake educational preparation for specialist nursing practice. There are three pathways included in this framework and each specialty organisation has nominated the pathways that they will accept

ACMHN addendum to C4N qualification framework

For qualifications in mental health nursing please refer to the ACMHN Addendum

CPD evidence-based record (MHN) template - new applicants

Nurses should use this template to record their continuing education and practice related activities

ACMHN CPD evidence-based record guide

The EBR is a means for you to document your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Continuing Practice Development (CPD) relevant to mental health nursing. A completed EBR must be submitted with the application for credentialing

C4N employer statement - (MHN) template

You need to verify the amount of experience you have gained in mental health nursing over the last three years by providing a statement from your employer(s). QLD Health employees might have to contact their HR department to ask for an employment confirmation

C4N reference template (MHN) - new applicant

Please provide the reference template to two referees to ensure all the required information is obtained and your application will not be unnecessarily delayed

C4N documentation checklist - new applicant

Download a checklist to ensure you have the required documentation ready to upload


A C4N EBR App has been developed to provide Credentialed nurses and prospective Credentialed nurses with a user friendly CPD portfolio to document professional development relevant to credentialing.

Simply go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for 'C4N EBR'. Once you have completed your report you will be provided with instructions on how to include your report in your online application.